To The Point Pakistan Affairs By JWT
To The Point Pakistan Affairs By JWT

The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has recently introduced substantial Changes to the syllabus for the CSS exam 2019, and onwards. Like that of all other subjects, the syllabus of Pakistan Affairs has also changed, and now a major part of it has been dedicated to the Current Affairs of Pakistan. This has put CSS aspirants in a quandary as to how and from where to Prepare for this crucial paper. So keeping in view the needs of the aspirants, Jahangir group of Publications has published this book entitled “To the Point Pakistan Affairs”.


Title: To the Point Pakistan Affairs (CSS/PMS)
Author: Dr. Liaqauat Niazi, Dr. M Usmani, and Adeel Niaz
Revised By: Iqra Riaz Uddin
Pages: 448
Publisher: Jahangir World Times
Subject: CSS Pakistan Affairs

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