A Short History of the Saracens Syed Ameer Ali

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Title: A Short History of the Saracens
Author: Syed Ameer Ali
Pages: 640
Publisher: AH Publishers
Subject:   Islamic History & Culture


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A Short History of the Saracens Syed Ameer Ali. Persia, the heritage of Shah Abbas the Great, where the Caliphs reigned supreme for centuries is march to win back her place among the free nations of the world. The Kajirs, after a chequered rule of nearly 200 years, have now made rooin for a new dynasty. A Short History of the Saracens Syed Ameer Ali. The present sovereign, Shah Riza Khan Pahlawi, who has established himself on the throne of Iran, is a man  of strong character and liberal ideas, and his reign a hopeful augury for the progress and development of the land to which many of the countries of the middle east owed their culture. Afghanistan, where the conqueror Mahmud of Ghazni, “The Right Hand of the Gahph, once reigned, under the guidance and rulership of a young, energetic and patriotic sovereign of the Barukzye dynasty, is making gallant efforts to lift the dead weight which Mongol and Uzbeg had left in mid- Asia. Egypt, made famous by the magnificent patronage of the and A Short History of the Saracens Syed Ameer Ali sciences by al-Muiz, has now regained her freedom, pd is ruled by a constitutional government under a limited monarchy, which holds out the promise of a prosperous development. Ifrikia and Maghrib-ul-Aksa, the empire of the brilliant Yusuf-ibn-Tashfin, the patron of Averroes, like the Syria of Saladin, are either held or dominated by France. Transoxiana, with the birthplace of Avicenna and of Alfarabi, is under the heel of the Bolshevist. A Short History of the Saracens Syed Ameer Ali. This work is not a mere chronicle of vrars and conquests, or the rise and fall of dynasties. It is a record of the copious contributions made by the Saracenic race under the flag of Islim, to human knowledge in all departments of science and literature; of their marvellous systein of
administration ^ of their economic and cultural deyelcy ment and the remarkable position held by women in the social and legal system of Islam. The story of the carnage and savagery wrought by the Crusaders and the Mongols is told from the records of the people.


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