Competitive Journalism & Mass Communication (CSS/PMS) By M.Asif Malik

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Title: Competitive Journalism & Mass Communication
Author: Muhammad Asif Malik
Publisher: A H Publisher
Pages: 564
Subject: CSS / PMS Journalism and Mass Communication

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There is no denying the fact that the twenty-first century is the age of communication. We fare not quite sure what to do with the abundance of information or how to make good use of the speed with which it is being transmitted. Yet we seek more and more information and that too at a greater speed, and we want to have the transmitting instruments at our own disposal. We are living in an era of senders as well as mere receivers. What we have discovered in our rush to enter the information age is that our technology has brought us a greater accuracy in transmission. We can hope to be able to get along better with our neighbors, perhaps better communicate inter-culturally because what we say can be transmitted with fidelity. The media makes it possible to bring different types symbols to the masses which have difficulty in reading books and newspapers, thus greatly enlarging the numbers who receive the message. Seeing and hearing allow more sensory participation than either one by itself, which can make the message more accurate. The Mass Communication study is mostly concerned with how communication serves to create, animate, and influence human societies. A deliberate effort has been made to explain all the disciplines of Journalism and Mass Communication. Given the range of topics and issues that had to be covered to make it meaningful presentation, I had to rely heavily on published materials from a’ wide range of sources for which I am highly obliged to the authors and organizations whose work has been referred to in this book. o doubt there are number of books available in the market on the subject of journalism and mass communication and no one can claim to be perfect or enjoy monopoly. New books provide basis for competition and advancement of knowledge. With these views, I have compiled this book on journalism and mass communication according to the revised scheme -and syllabus for C.S.S. Exams. 2016 which I am sure is a humble contribution to the ever-growing field of journalism and mass communication. However, this book has been compiled


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