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CSS Essentials Criminology MCQs By Ashiq Awan ILMI


Title: CSS Essentials Criminology MCQs
Authors: Ashiq Awan
Publisher: ILMI
Pages: 324
Subject: Criminology

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CSS Essentials Criminology MCQs By Ashiq Awan (LIMI). The best available CSS MCQs book for optional subject Criminology. ILMI Kitab Khana Published this CSS Criminology MCQs Book with its Author Ashiq Awan. The best feature of this CSS Criminology Book is its covers almost complete syllabus iven by FPSC for optional subject Criminology. Criminology is the study of crime, criminal behavior patterns and the law. An introductory criminology course is taken at the onset of a student’s core degree requirements. This course covers basics in criminology theories, patterns and behaviors. Students learn socioeconomic and sociocultural influences that have affected crime over the years. Topics in this course may also cover crime prevention, law enforcement, criminal justice systems and crime victims. Criminology is the study of the law enforcement and criminal justice system. A person looking for a career in criminal justice will likely first seek to earn a criminology degree. While criminal justice and criminology are certainly related fields, they are not identical. What is criminology, and what is the history of the field? “Criminology” is derived from the Latin crimen, which means accusation, and the transliterated Greek logia, which has come to denote “the study of.” Therefore the term literally means “the study of crime.” Criminology is a branch of sociology and has, in effect, been studied in one way or another for thousands of years. Despite its long history, though, it has only been in recent years that criminology has been recognized as a scientific discipline in its own right.CSS Essentials Criminology MCQs By Ashiq Awan (LIMI)


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