Essentials of International Relations By Kanwal Batool Naqvi & Zahid Aziz JWT

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Title: Essentials of International Relations
Author: Kanwal Batool Naqvi & Zahid Aziz
Pages: 648
Publisher: Jahangir World Times
ISBN: 978969664081-3



Essentials of International Relations By Kanwal Batool Naqvi & Zahid Aziz. Understanding the twenty-first century world politics requires accurate and up—to-date Hormation, intellectual analysis and interpretation. In a globe undergoing constant, rapid done, it is imperative to accurately describe, explain and predict key events and issues holding in international affairs. These intellectual tasks must be performed well so that world cimens and policymakers may harness this knowledge and ground their decisions on the most Pragmatic approaches to global problems available. Only informed interpretations of world conditions and trend trajectories and cogent explanations of why they exist and how they unfold an provide the tools necessary for understanding the world and making it better. Essentials of International Relations By Kanwal Batool Naqvi & Zahid Aziz. By presenting k leading ideas and the latest information available, World Politics: Trend and Transformation provides the tools necessary for understanding world affairs in the present epoch of history, for probable developments, and for thinking critically about the potential long-term W of those on countries and individuals across the globe. World Politics: Trend and Transformation aims to put both changes and continuities into guspective. It provides a picture of the evolving relations among all transnational actors, the historical developments that affect those actors’ relationships, and the salient contemporary flbal trends that those interactions produce. The major theories scholars use to explain the dynamics underlying international relations — realism, liberalism, and constructivism, as well as and radical interpretatio_ns — frame the investigation. That said, this book resists the Illustration to oversimplify world politics with a superficial_ treatment that would rnask ainplexities and distort realities. Moreover, the text refuses to substitute mere subjective opinion it information based on evidence and purposefully presents clashing and contending views so II students have a chance to critically evaluate the opposed positions and construct their own figments about key issues. It fosters critical thinking by repeatedly asking students to assess the‘ possibilities for the global future and its potential impact on their own lives. Essentials of International Relations By Kanwal Batool Naqvi & Zahid Aziz

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