International Political Economical Relations By Sarfraz A Akhund


Title: International Political Economical Relations
Author: Sarfraz A Akhund
Publisher: Kathiawar Stores
Pages: 267
Subject: International Relations



International Political Economical Relations By Sarfraz A Akhund

It is interesting to write a book International Political Economical Relations By Sarfraz A Akhund provided you have been a regular strident, your financial position is strong and that you cansacrifice your social prestige for your aims and ambitions. If not, I will advise you to resistesuch temptation. Any academic or intellectual activity without strong financial backing do not give social prestige or honour in our country. Rather a person finds himself unfit and without any penetration in our society.

When I started to write down this book International Political Economical Relations By Sarfraz A Akhund, I thought that l would complete my task easily. However, within a short span of time, I realised that it was nearly impossible to complete this book. My mind advised me many times to give up such activity and prepare for C.S.S., the most lucrative posts in Pakistan, but my heart stressed upon me to achieve the target. Like all the decision of my life I once again followed my heart.

I have myself collected material for International Political Economical Relations By Sarfraz A Akhund, analysed and settled it, typed it, made proof reading . I did not do all this because of my -hard working, rather, ‘fiankly speaking, I was asked to pay for any help I needed from others which I could not afibrd.

This book will be of great help to the students of M.A. International Relations, Political Science and for Combined Competitive Examination. Besides, the book would provide general theoritical frame” work to those who wish to have day to day knowledge of intemational.

I have completed this book single-handedly. The logic requires that I shall take all the responsibilities of the mistakes in the book, and so I do. I request all the readers to point out mistakes and make suggestions for the improvement in the second edition; I must express my thanks to Qazi Asadullah and Tariq Javed, a genius composer, who extended their invaluable help in the layout
making of this book.

In the last I must express my gratitudes to my wife Nasra Akhund who allowed rne to concentrate on the preparation of this book despite the fact that she needed my personal attention more than any thing else.

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