Islam its Meaning and Messages By Professor Khurshid Ahmed


Title: Islam its Meaning and Messages
Author: Professor Khurshid Ahmed
Pages: 284
Subject: Islamic Studies
Publisher: The Islamic Foundation

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ISLAM today is the second largest religion in Europe. There are between seven and eight million Muslim’s in Western Europe and over 25 million in the whole of Europe, including European Russia. There are Mosques, Islamic Centres, institutions for the education of Muslim youth and other organizations engaged in a multitude of Islamic activities. The realization of an Islamic presence in Europe is increasing; so also is the need on the one hand, to have greater co-operation and co-ordination between the activities ofIslamic organizations and centres and on the other hand, to develop a better understanding of Islam as a religion and culture amongst all the people of Europe, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.

Islam literally means commitment and obediehce- as a religion, it stands for belief in one God and in all the prophets of God, the last of whom wa~ Muhammad (peace be upon him], and for complete SUI )- mission tu the Divine Will as revealed through His prophets. A Muslim believes in the prophethood of Abraham, Moses and Jesus, holding that all of them conveved to mankind the same message from God. The final revelation came tnrough Prophet Muh arnrnad (peace be upon him) and is known as Islam – the religion of all prophets, not ‘Mohammadenism’. This revelation is preserved in the Qur’an, in the form in which it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be IIpon him).


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