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Islamiyat URDU By Hafiz Karim Dad Chugtai Caravan We are humbly grateful to Allah Almighty for granting the book unprecedented and countrywide acknowledgment among the students and readers in general and the aspirants of CSS/PMS!PCS in particular. This is evident from the fact that since its first publication in August 2015, the book went into frequent reprintings and over 58,300 copies (33,000 in English and 25, 300 in Urdu l have been sold in the market to date. We are especially thankful to the CSPs of Common Training Programs and aspirants of CSS- 2016, CSS-2017, CSS-2018, CSS-2019 and CSS-2020 CSS-2021 who extended very positive and encouraging feedback. The aspirants of PMS Punjab, PMS KP, PCS Sindh, PCS Balochistan and CCE-GB etc have also appreciated · our humble efforts since the book covers requirements of all these competitive examinations. It is pertinent to mention here that almost all questions asked in CSS/ PMS/PCS/ CCE etc papers (past five years) were adequately covered in the book thus making it comprehensive and handy for promising score in the paper.

Since the launch of the first edition of this work, the readers, competitive aspirants, students, seniors, teachers and well wishers have not only appreciated the overall contents, standard, presentation and comprehensiveness of the book but also extended critical feedback and put forward a number of suggestions for further improvements in the book. The book has been qualitatively improved and quantitively downsized through another comprehensive exercise. Islamiyat URDU By Hafiz Karim Dad Chugtai Caravan

PMS (Punjab & KPK), PCS (Balochistan / Sindh), CCE (Gilgit-Baltistan) etc: The book has been so organized I compiled as to cover the syllabi of various Provincial Civil / Management Services Examinations as well in effective manner. The revised syllabus of PMS Punjab is almost similar to that of CSS syllabus. For the facility of the aspirants hailing from G-8 and KP, a number of additional topics / past papers relating to Combined Competitive Examination G-8 held by FPSC have been included. The PMS KPK and CCE G-8 syllabus has some additional topics like, Basic Problems of Human Life, Sources of Knowledge, Wahy and its Supremacy, Jihad in Islam, the Concept of Muslim Ummah and its role and objectives, the last 1 O surahs of the Quran etc which have been added. These are in addition to CSS syllabus. The PCS Balochistan syllabus for Islamic Studies I lslamiat (compulsory & optional) is also covered. The book also adequately covers the PCS Sindh syllabus for lslamiat (Optional). The book is effectively useful for all Combined Comitative Examinations (CCEs).


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