Muslim Law & Jurisprudence MCQs By Waqar Aziz Bhutta JWT


Title: Muslim Law & Jurisprudence MCQs
Author: Waqar Aziz Bhutta
Publisher: Jahangir World Times
Pages: 111
Subject: Muslim Law & Jurisprudence

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The study of MCQs entails at least three processes: learning that is, acquiring knowledge, understanding of this knowledge, and memory retention. A very good way of achieving these objectives is through careful reading of text and solving multiple—choice questions The objective is to provide the vast subject in a structured and useful manner so as to familiarize candidates taking the examinations with the current trends and type of questions asked in exams.

Significant data and useful information have been collected. Sections have been carefully organized to categorize different portions of Muslim law and Jurisprudence. An endeavor has been made with the primary object to assemble the requirements of
candidates who are aspiring to appear in CSS and other law related exams. Almost all the noteworthy and reasonable questions have been integrated. It is hoped that the book will mete out the purpose of substitute for a remarkable book available in the market. It is an attempt to give a comprehensive coverage to this subject.

I owe my most fervent gratitude to Mr. Adeel Niaz, the patron in chief of the Jahangir Books for his scholarly and thought-provoking guidance. Despite his many & varied preoccupations, he spared some of his precious days for this task. It was due to his interest that the book could see the light of the day.

I express my most profound thanks for encouragement and able guidance of Mr. M. Irfan Khawja, Mr. Sheraz Labbar, Mr. Arshad Aziz and Mr. Mustafa Khan. I am grateful to Mr. Shahryar Aziz who took trouble of proof reading and went through the manuscript before its going to press. I am also thankful to Mr. Muhammad Sheraz and Mr. Ali Jawad who tried his utmost for the accomplishment of this book.


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